charity: water Miscellaneous

As the 2nd designer at charity: water, I played a significant role in defining its brand and helping them become an design inspiration for other non-profits. Here’s a sample of some of my favorite projects that I produced over the years.

When a person ordered an item from the charity: water store, we didn’t just want them get a t-shirt or wristband. We wanted them to receive a complete care package. So I created the packaging, a stamp used for branding, and a goodie bag to be included in all merchandize orders.

A charity: water gift card is the perfect way to honor someone you care about by donating to clean water. My parents were a little tired of receiving them, but other people seemed to love them.

At charity: water, we believed “Water Changes Everything”, and we wanted to make sure that anyone who came in our office would always remember it. So I created the typography, and lots of people spent weeks hammering thousands of tacks into a wall to spell it out. Inspired by W + K’s thumbtack mural and Jessica Hische’s font Buttermilk

I redesigned Scott Aughtmon’s 21 “Types of Content We Crave” infographic, and created this poster to hang around the charity: water office and inspire the employees.

charity: water and TOMS teamed up to release two limited edition pairs of shoes that I got to design. They sold out in days and helped 540 people in Ethiopia get clean water.

I designed a deck of cards to help spread the word about the water crisis. Whether you win or lose, you can always feel good about yourself. 

In low income countries, clean water is an essential part of keeping children in school. I used common school supplies to illustrate how essential water is to education. This graphic was used to on posters, pamphlets and other promotional materials.